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Team Roping Tips

Starting One Heading with Steer Stopping

When Brad Lund wants to start a horse in the heading, he starts by steer stopping.

Hunter Koch


Green Horse Gameday Checklist

Hunter Koch's in-depth plan for preparing a green horse for competition.


Managing the Horse’s Mind with Lane Ivy

Horses need to learn that the end of the run is the release and the reward for a job well done. Here’s how Lane Ivy instills that in his head horses young and old.



Swing Angles: Adjusting Your First Swing with Charly Crawford

Charly Crawford explains how to adjust your first swing to go from splitting the horns to clean head catches.

Rodeo Road

Tucker White Stays Hooked in Badlands Circuit

Tucker White fine tunes his roping for the Badlands Circuit Standings home stretch.


Schmidt’s Secret to Scoring Flat

Kolton Schmidt breaks down what he works on to get his head horses scoring flat.


Using Your Feet to Shape the Corner with Matt Sherwood

Matt Sherwood talks through a situation that reinforced his use of his feet through the corner.


Maximizing the First Swing with Nick Sartain

How Nick Sartain’s masterful first swing maximizes his ability to fire at the line.


Comfortable Reaching? Egusquiza’s Advice on When It Works and When It Won’t

Dustin Egusquiza is the most prolific reacher of this generation, but he’s also mastered the layup, too. Here’s how he’s evolved.


Rebuilding After a Disappointing NFR with Kolton Schmidt

Kolton Schmidt is sticking to his fundamentals and staying hooked.

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