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Ride Better Across the Line with Trevor Brazile

Staying flat across the line means better, stronger riding from the corner.

TRJ Extra

Team Roping Journal Extra Volume 3: Clay Tryan

Team roping rodeo and jackpot tips from Clay Tryan.


Winning the Seventh Round at the 2019 NFR with Cody Snow

Cody Snow breaks down his and Wesley Thorp's seventh round win and the fastest time at the 2019 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.


Eliminate Wasted Motion with Cody Snow

Six-time Wrangler NFR qualifier Cody Snow has been working on cutting extra movement out of his run.


The Jackpot Move: Holding Up the Head Horse with Dustin Bird

Dustin Bird explains how to hold your horse up in a jackpot scenario.


Fast and Flat: The Secret to Teaching the Start with Trevor Brazile

Keeping your horse comfortable in the corner helps simplify the start.


Learning to Lose with Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes on learning how to handle losing.


Learning to Drop a Coil with Ty Blasingame

Learning to reach takes a lifetime’s worth of practice and requires better horsemanship than some people realize.


6 Steps to Heading with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile's tips for heading, step-by-step.

Clay Tryan


Right-Hand Circle Drill with Clay Tryan

How to use a machine to keep your horse running to the steer, even when he steps right.

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