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4-Year-Old with 60 Days Heading | Practice Session

4-Year-Old with 60 Days Heading | Practice Session

Garrett Elmore ropes a calf at the 53rd IFR

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Who’s This Garrett “Hotshot” Elmore Making Waves in the IPRA and WCRA?

Walking away from the IPRA’s 53rd IFR with $17,778 in earnings, Garrett Elmore isn’t just turning heads, he’s snapping necks.


No Heeler? No Problem. Clay Tryan Talks Solo Practice

Sometimes you might only be able to fit in practice at an off time of day, when nobody is around to heel for you or drive the four-wheeler.

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Weapon of Choice: These Are the Ropes the Top 15 *Headers* Will Use in Las Vegas

Reaching Roping

"The Score" Podcast

The Reach: Five Bombers Have Made It Pay

Chelsea Shaffer reads "The Reach," by Julie Mankin on "The Score"

reaching roping

Team Ropers

The Reach

Throwing a long line to the horns is nuanced. In history, five bombers have helped make it pay money.

Reaching Fundamentals

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Reaching Fundamentals with Clay Smith

Clay Smith explains how to shorten the margin of error when a run doesn't go as planned.

Clay Smith Riding to Your Target Square

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Riding to Your Target Square

Leaning away from your throw will prevent consistent catching.

Breakover Clay Smith

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Breakover with Clay Smith

Keep power in your swing.

Dummy Roping Routine Clay Smith

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Clay Smith’s Dummy Roping Routine

Roping the dummy is crucial for improving your roping skills.

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