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Facing Team Roping Trevor Brazile


Here’s How Headers Should Finish a Run When the Roping is Flagged on the Heels

Please: Don’t stop forward motion or turn up the arena to the catch pen.

Rope Horses

No, This Isn’t the Same Story. Rhen Richard Gets Royal Crown No. 9 Win of 2022.

Rhen Richard has been the most dominant force in the rope horse futurity business in 2022.

"The Score" Podcast

ProRodeo’s Richest Ropers: Clay O’ Talks Clay Tryan’s PRCA Earnings Record

Clay O'Brien Cooper and Fast Back Ropes' Coy Upchurch talk Clay Tryan's new PRCA earnings record on this episode of "The Score."

Jennings Photography


How to Win in Team Roping: Headers’ Edition

Heading Edition In the lower divisions, what specific skills separate the consistent winners from the rest of the pack? We surveyed the industry’s leaders and top producers for their seasoned perspectives.

Inside the Remuda Trevor Brazile Friday

Rope Horses

Inside the Relentless Remuda: Friday

Meet Friday, another elite head horse that came from the Relentless Remuda.

Facing Drills

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Facing Drills

Trevor Brazile demonstrates how and what he does to get his head horse's facing dialed in.

Steer Steps Left


Keeping Control When a Steer Steps Left

Keeping your horse in his lane when a steer steps left is key to helping the run come together faster.

Jake Barnes Loop Size Team Roping Journal


Finding the Perfect Loop-Size Fit

Loop size should be adjusted based on scenarios and horn size. 

CALEB BERQUIST Resistol Rookie Team Roping Journal

Team Ropers

Caleb Berquist Leaves Fourth Run No.1 in Resistol Rookie All-Around Standings

Caleb Berquist ranks No.1 in the Resistol Rookie All-Around Standings for the 2022 season with $12,018.65 in PRCA earnings.

Team Roping Tips

Your Target & Position Has to Match Your Roping Style

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