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Clay O'Brien Cooper

Riding the Roping Roller Coaster with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper talks about learning how to manage team ropings ups and downs.


Patience Through the Turn with Wesley Thorp

2019 World Champion Heeler Wesley Thorp breaks down how he uses patience through the turn when heeling in five steps.


Jingle Bells: Thorp’s Strategy to Winning to 2019 Jingle Bell Classic

Wesley Thorp breaks down his and Cody Snow's short round run at the 2019 Jingle Bell Classic Open roping.

Patrick Smith


Are You Pressing the Wrong Buttons?

Patrick Smith explains why what your body does during a run is not something you should overlook.

Rope Horses

Dream Team: Smith’s Marty and Corkill’s Huey Make It Look Easy

Clay Smith's Marty and Jade Corkill's Huey are helping the leading duo stay ahead of the pack.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

No Mistakes: Minor’s Sug Makes It Easy

Brady Minor's Sug has long been one of the best in the game.


Body Position Through the Corner with Billie Jack Saebens

Why riding with square shoulders makes catching consistently easier.

Team Ropers

5 Habits Kids Should Avoid in the Roping Arena

Trevor Brazile, Derrick Begay, Charly Crawford, Martin Lucero and Ryan Motes break down five habits you should never let your kids start in the roping pen.

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