Heeling Tips

Patrick Smith backed into the roping box on a horse.
Heelers, Here's How You Can Improve Your Timing
Patrick Smith explains how to hone your sense of timing.
joseph harrison video still
Getting Where You Need to Be
Developing consistency and control is learned through patience and practice.
Riata Buckle Run Breakdown with Dakota Kirchenschlager
How Dakota Kirchenschlager let the work he’s putting in at home speak for itself at the Riata Buckle.
joseph harrison loop size
Determining Heel Loop Size with Joseph Harrison
Joseph Harrison explains how he determines the best heel loop size for different situations.
Fast Shot Jonathan Torres
Consistent Cues on the Smarty
Consistent Cues on the Smarty
In this heel horse training video, Joseph Harrison explains how critical consistent cues are for heel horses.
Smarty Pipes
The Spook Dun Time Heel Horse ARHFA Steve Orth
Get Your Heel Horse Peddling on the Front End with Steve Orth
Steve Orth shares how he keeps his horses from pegging on the front end.
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