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Riata Buckle Run Breakdown with Dakota Kirchenschlager

How Dakota Kirchenschlager let the work he’s putting in at home speak for itself at the Riata Buckle.

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Determining Heel Loop Size with Joseph Harrison

Joseph Harrison explains how he determines the best heel loop size for different situations.

Fast Shot Jonathan Torres

Team Roping Tips

Riding High for a Fast Shot With Jonathan Torres

Consistent Cues on the Smarty

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Consistent Cues on the Smarty

In this heel horse training video, Joseph Harrison explains how critical consistent cues are for heel horses.

Smarty Pipes

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This Smarty Drill Will Help You Master Tip and Body Position Roping the Pipes

Joseph Harrison explains tip and body position on the Smarty Pipes.

The Spook Dun Time Heel Horse ARHFA Steve Orth


Get Your Heel Horse Peddling on the Front End with Steve Orth

Steve Orth shares how he keeps his horses from pegging on the front end.

Distance and Angle Roping the Pipes

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Distance and Angle Roping the Pipes

Joseph Harrison demonstrates proper position on the Smarty Pipes.

Travis Graves

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: When Should You Pick Your Swing Up?

In this bonus episode of "The Short Score," brought to you by Purina, Travis Graves breaks down when he picks up his swing at rodeos vs. jackpots.

Jade Corkill Team Roping Journal

Team Ropers

Changing the Game: Heeling Position Throughout the Years

Jade Corkill has been a member of the PRCA since 2005, with 12 National Finals Rodeo qualifications and three gold buckles. He talks about how roping has evolved throughout his career and the new challenges ProRodeo heelers face.

Heeling Corner Position Arnold Green

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Corner Position: It’s Up to You

Clay O'Brien Cooper states that riding position is a personal preference, and both sides have advantages and disadvantages.

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