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Hazing: Helping Your Header Without Hurting Your Position.

Here are the insights on how to help your partner without hurting yourself.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Good Timing is Essential to Success with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper's outlook on how having good timing when heeling is essential to success.


Stop Stronger, Finish Faster

A strong stop will help a run finish faster, and some horses are just made for it.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Finding the Right Rope for You with Clay O’Brien Cooper

The 4-1-1 on team roping ropes from the Champ.


Tips for A Lighter Left Hand

Cesar de la Cruz has learned a lot in his horsemanship journey. How to use his left hand has made the greatest impact.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Clay O’Brien Cooper: Can One Twist Turn It All Around?

Clay O'Brien Cooper on turning things around in your roping and life.


Square Shoulders, Level Loop with Paden Bray

How squaring your shoulders toward your target and leveling your swing will increase your catch percentage.

TRJ Extra

Team Roping Journal Extra Volume 5: Jake Long

One-on-one interview, hazing tips and mental strategies from Jake Long.


Sandhills Stock Show & Rodeo Breakdown with Siggins

The 2019 Bob Feist Invitational Champion Heeler Lane Siggins breaks down his first round steer from the Sandhills Stock Show & Rodeo in Odessa, Texas.


Hand Position Through Your Swing with Whitney DeSalvo

Turning your thumb over to the outside of the right hock makes catching two feet a whole lot easier.

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