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Using A Dummy to Get Your Horse’s Attention with Rich Skelton

Rich Skelton on using the dummy to get your horses paying attention and learning quicker.


Jingle Bells: Thorp’s Strategy to Winning to 2019 Jingle Bell Classic

Wesley Thorp breaks down his and Cody Snow's short round run at the 2019 Jingle Bell Classic Open roping.

Patrick Smith


Are You Pressing the Wrong Buttons?

Patrick Smith explains why what your body does during a run is not something you should overlook.

Team Ropers

Team Roping Journal Extra Volume 1: Junior Nogueira

Motivation, roping tips and horsemanship from Junior Nogueira.


How to Win the Wrangler National Team Roping Championship Finals with Calgary Smith

Calgary Smith breaks down his short round run in the Open with Brady Tryan at the Wrangler National Team Roping Championship Finals


Body Position Through the Corner with Billie Jack Saebens

Why riding with square shoulders makes catching consistently easier.


Pre-Finals Prep with Ryan Motes

No matter which show is your big one, Ryan Motes offers this advice.


The Team Roper’s Tool Box with Buddy Hawkins II

Every roper shows up to compete with a tool box. Knowing which tools you bring to the table helps you build your game plan for each and every roping.

heel horse stop


Team Roping’s Art of the Stop: Getting Your Heel Horse to Drag It

Here’s a glimpse of what pro heelers prefer and how to get your horse to drag it the right way.


Finding Power in Position with Trey Yates

Trey Yates's take on heeling position when you're too close, finding power to deliver your rope and having good separation when leaving the box.

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