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Determining Heel Loop Size with Joseph Harrison

Joseph Harrison explains how he determines the best heel loop size for different situations.

Fast Shot Jonathan Torres

Team Roping Tips

Riding High for a Fast Shot With Jonathan Torres

Heeler Horsemanship Trevor Brazile


The Heeler’s Struggles

I saw an online survey asking ropers what their No. 1 struggle is on the heel side. The most common answer was position, but I have an amendment to that.

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Full Heeling Dummy Roping Lesson with Matt Sherwood

In this video, Matt explains position on the ground on the heeling dummy.


Team Ropers

What Makes a Winner: Heeler’s Edition

In the lower divisions, what specific skills separate the consistent winners from the rest of the pack? We surveyed the industry’s leaders and top producers for their seasoned perspectives. 

NFR Qualifying Heel Horse Pedigrees Jade Corkill Sixes Posse

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

The DEFINITIVE List of 2022 NFR-Qualifying Heel Horse Pedigrees

NFR-Qualifying Heel Horses Pedigrees for 2022, all in one place. These are the horses the PRCA's top 15 team ropers rode all season long.

Smarty Pipes

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This Smarty Drill Will Help You Master Tip and Body Position Roping the Pipes

Joseph Harrison explains tip and body position on the Smarty Pipes.

Wesley Thorp Salinas Phil Doyle

Team Ropers

Going At It with Focus, Fire and Intensity

JD Yates Probably A Shiner

Rope Horses

No Doubt About It: J.D. Yates’ Still Got It with Royal Crown Heeling Win on Probably A Shiner

Yates and Probably A Shiner won $9,750 for owner Mike VanEgdom, plus $1,935 to VanEgdom as the owner of Royal Crown stallion Smart Nu Shiner, and $1,935 to the Pitzer Ranch/Rolling V Performance Horses as the breeders.

Rhen Richard CR Woody Be A Dual

Rope Horses

Rhen Richard Gets EIGHTH [8TH!] Futurity Title in 2022 with CR Woody Be A Dual

Rhen Richard won his eighth futurity of 2022 on the 4-year-old Woody Be Tuff stallion CR Woody Be A Dual.

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