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4 Tips for What to Do When Your Horse Stops Working with Jake Long

If your good horse stops working, and you’re not out on the road rodeoing, your first call should be to your vet.


Trevor Brazile’s Eye-Opening Explanation of the Feel Rope Horses Must Have

What sets riding rope horses apart from reiners, cutters and cow horses, according to 25-time World Champion Trevor Brazile.


Let Your Colts Make Mistakes with Trevor Brazile

The 25-time World Champion Trevor Brazile talks about how he lets colts make mistakes rather than micromanaging their progress.

TRJ Extra

Team Roping Journal Extra Volume 2: Lari Dee Guy

Team roping and Breakaway training and horsemanship tips from Lari Dee Guy


The Right and the Wrong Way to Introduce Live Cattle

25-time World Champion Trevor Brazile breaks down how he introduces his horses to live cattle.


Trevor Brazile Shortened His Stirrups. Here’s Why.

Your stirrup length can affect your ability to control a young horse and ride a good one. Here's the how and why.


Run VS. Rate: What to Look For in A Prospect with Trevor Brazile

What to look for in a prospect depends on your roping goals.

Rope Horses

How Driggers’ Unconventional New Mount is Pushing His Heading to New Heights

Kaleb Driggers says he's never ridden one quite like Maestro, the new yellow horse he cracked out in Round 1 of the 2019 NFR. Here's why.


The Next Level: How Brazile Asks a Young Horse to Step Up

How the 25-time World Champion Trevor Brazile takes a green head horse to the next level.


Maintaining the Head Horse with Clay Tryan

Clay Tryan is a consistent top-five header and perennial threat for the world title. His secret? Good horses. After his great horse Thumper was retired, he broke out two new greats: Cate, a sorrel mare, and Dew, a bay gelding. His success rides on their performance, so here a few of his tips for keeping head horses sound and working solid.

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