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Clay O'Brien Cooper

Winning When You’re Down

Confidence comes easy when you're on a winning streak, but how can team ropers stay positive during a lull?

Team Ropers

Humble Beginnings: Advice From Derrick Begay

What Derrick Begay would tell a young roper starting out the same way he did.

Andrew Ward Buddy Hawkins NFR

Inner Strength

The Pre-Run Prayers That Keep Andrew Ward’s Mind Right

Andrew Ward turns to God to cope with his nerves before a run.

Team Roping Tips

Developing A Feel for Switchenders with Rhen Richard

For lifelong heelers, swapping ends requires developing a feel that doesn’t always come natural at the sport’s elite level.

Team Ropers

Charly Crawford Retires from ProRodeo to Support Breakaway Roping Wife and Daughter

Charly Crawford stepped back from ProRodeo in 2021. Here’s why.


A Time for Growing Up with Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson on gaining a new perspective to change his roping.

Inner Strength

Stop Beating Yourself With Billie Jack Saebens

Billie Jack Saebens shares that you're best off if you don’t try to beat anybody and just do your job.

Team Roping News

Positive Influences with Bubba Buckaloo

Bubba Buckaloo talks about surrounding yourself with positive people.

Kory Koontz Team Roping Journal

Inner Strength

Your Circle Matters

Kory Koontz on surrounding yourself with the right kind of people.

Team Ropers

An Open Letter to College Rodeo Athletes Whose Seasons Were Canceled

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