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Your loop should basically be big enough to reach the steer’s horns and be tight from your saddle horn to the steer before you turn off. TRJ File Photo


Jake Barnes’ Fundamentals of Loop Size

Jake Barnes' tips on finding the right loop size in team roping.

Team Roping Tips

The Best Practice Cattle for Your Horse

Believe it or not, but muleys may be your best option for practice cattle.


The Benefits of Boosting Team Morale coach Jake Barnes' advice on the benefits for boosting team morale.

Team Roping Tips

Making the Most of a Miss

Jake Barnes helps you make the most out of a miss in the practice pen.

Team Roping Tips

Making Quality Runs in the Practice Pen

Jake Barnes helps you make the most out of your time in the practice pen.

NFR Bubble Jake Barnes


Avoiding the Bubble Boy Noose with Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes shares insightful tips on how to avoid bubble stress.

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Barnes, Cooper and Sherwood Drop New Video Series for Fall 2021

Jake Barnes, Clay O’Brien Cooper and Matt Sherwood built new video series to prepare ropers for Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale and beyond.


Turning the Team Roping Struggle Around

Jake Barnes' tips on how to deal with self-doubt as a team roper.


Are You Really Ready to Rodeo Full Time?

Jake Barnes breaks down what ropers and contestants need to realize before they rodeo.


Using Discipline to Deal with Disappointment with Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes on learning to be disciplined to deal with disappointment of loss and failure in roping.

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