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Ropers Embracing New Audio Lessons from Pros Through “The Score” Podcast

Ropers are devouring The Score podcast's latest endeavor—audio roping lessons from the best in the business.

"The Score" Podcast

Roping Lesson with Lari Dee Guy: The Left Hand

There’s no better time than now to hone your horsemanship. The staff at The Team Roping Journal is pairing up with the best in the world to provide regular audio tips that you can listen to while you’re riding, roping or just visualizing your runs.

TRJ Extra

Team Roping Journal Extra Volume 2: Lari Dee Guy

Team roping and Breakaway training and horsemanship tips from Lari Dee Guy

Team Ropers

Determination and Success: Randy Lewis, DVM

For heeler Randy Lewis, DVM, becoming a horse doctor wasn’t a choice he made. Instead, it was just a fact of life since as long as he can remember.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score: Season 2, Episode 15 with Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson

WPRA World Champions Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson are on "The Score", brought to you by Nutrena.

Editor's Notes

Win of A Lifetime: Inside Look at the August 2019 Issue

Inside the August 2019 issue of The Team Roping Journal.

Team Ropers

Buying & Selling 101

The dos and don'ts in the buying and selling horse business.

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