Mental Toughness
Team roper Jake Long riding a horse in arena.
mental game
Inner Strength with Jake Long
Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins walk across the stage after winning the 2022 The American Rodeo.
If You Can See It, You Can Do It
Winning When You’re Down
Clay O'Brien Cooper
Clay O'Brien Cooper's "Student of the Game" Mindset
Controlling Your Destiny: Game-Changing Habits of the Roping Industry’s Most Successful
Kolton Schmidt
The Result of Roping Scared Is the Same as Roping Careless.
Patrick Smith
The Score: Building a Blueprint for Mental Toughness with Patrick Smith
A Parent's Guide to Coaching Your Own Kids in Team Roping
Calling All Roping Rookies: Friendly Advice from Jake Barnes
Trying NOT to Make Mistakes