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Clay O'Brien Cooper

Applying Golf’s Positives to Roping with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Golf is a lot like roping, in that your winning percentage is actually pretty low. Ropers at every level can benefit from borrowing that positivity from the game of golf.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Roping Progress Doesn’t Happen Overnight with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Ropers trying to improve and climb the ladder need to realize that none of this happens overnight.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

The Power of Thinking You Can with Clay O’Brien Cooper

In any sport or avenue in life that a person gets passionately infatuated with, there’s an overboard, fanatical way of looking at it that really propels people to be successful.

Inner Strength

Stop Beating Yourself With Billie Jack Saebens

Billie Jack Saebens shares that you're best off if you don’t try to beat anybody and just do your job.


Learning from Our Mistakes with Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes on learning from your mistakes.

"The Score" Podcast

Yates: Finding Your Mental Strength in Down Time

An audio lesson on finding your mental strength with Trey Yates.


Traits of a Winner with Jake Barnes

The traits it takes to be a winner.

Editor's Notes

Win of A Lifetime: Inside Look at the August 2019 Issue

Inside the August 2019 issue of The Team Roping Journal.

Inner Strength

Coach to Contestant with JoJo LeMond

Jojo LeMond has transitioned out of ProRodeo’s spotlight in recent years. So when he steps back into the arena, he faces mental obstacles familiar to everyday team ropers.

Inner Strength

Looking Ahead with Buddy Hawkins II

Hawkins finished 2017 in the number-16 spot in the PRCA world standings.

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