Military Appreciation

Tyler Wortman: The Constant Warrior
Since his service to the Marine Corps, Colorado’s Tyler Wortman has had a desire to give back—a goal he’s now realizing with the help of a few pros and a fellow warrior by his side.
Travis Beck_PAFRA-2022_Richard Wiley_O83A5725
Travis Beck: All-Around Airman
Travis Beck’s rodeo roots were so strong, he even competed while stationed in Germany with the Air Force. Today, he’s still competing for the all-around, in the rodeo arena and by helping numerous military-focused organizations complete their missions to serve.
Mike White
From California & Camp Pendleton to Cowtown & the Pentagon
In his 22-year career as a U.S. Marine, Chief Warrant Officer Mike White has traveled the globe in service to his country. Now, from his current Pentagon post, he’s honoring his California roping roots at New Jersey’s Cowtown Rodeo.
Full Circle: Texas Woman Donates Heel Horse, Kids' Horse, Saddle, and Ropes to Iraq War Veteran
Karen Hering, moved by Charly Crawford's free veteran's roping school, donates horses, saddles, and ropes to Iraq War Army Veteran Jon Kelly.
Giving Thanks: Military Team Roping School
Charly Crawford and Trey Johnson hosted their fourth-annual Military Team Roping School this November, offering service members team roping instruction and fellowship in Stephenville, Texas.