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Luke Brown is Roping on the Gain

Roping on the Gain. Free-running horses can make a head shot tough. Here’s how Luke Brown masters it.


Riding for a Fast Heel Shot with Jake Long

Jake Long knows how to heel fast. Here he explains how to ensure a fast shot when heeling.


Medlin’s Guide to Elevation Through the Turn

Logan Medlin, a 2020 NFR qualifier, noticed himself creating a bad habit of letting his horses get too flat through the turn. He breaks down what he's been working on to help keep his horses up and elevated through the turn.


3 Steps to Controlling Your Head Horse to Provide a Better Handle with Levi Simpson

How well you control your head horse through the corner means a better shot for your heeler.

Team Roping Tips

Building a Better Run with Kolton Schmidt & Hunter Koch

In preparing for this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Kolton Schmidt and Hunter Koch are taking their run to the next level.


Dustin Searcy: Level Up with Elbow Control

Your left elbow changes your delivery. Here’s why.


Creating Fast Feet with Logan Olson

Logan Olson has been working on improving his head horse's footwork.


Opening Up Your Swing with Luke Brown

Luke Brown tips on going back to the basics to fix his swing and his riding.


Good Scoring Keeps It Simple with Brenten Hall

Brenten Hall likes to keep roping as easy as possible, starting with his scoring and letting the rest of the run fall into place.


Roping into a Head Wind with Blasingame

Ty Blasingame, originally from Colorado but now based in Wyoming, has had to rope in the wind for most of his life. Here are the tricks to battling this extreme element.

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