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What Makes People Winners with Jake Barnes


Learning to Lose with Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes on learning how to handle losing.


Being Ahead of the Game with Patrick Smith

To be successful, it’s about being ahead of the game, not chasing. When we’re ahead of the steer and ahead of the game, we’re waiting on them to do what we want instead of just trying to catch up and make a shot. That’s why keeping the pocket is important. We set everything up so we’re ahead of the steer before the corner even starts.


6 Steps to Heading with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile's tips for heading, step-by-step.


How Your Rope Horse Feeding Program Can Solve Your In-Arena Problems

What and how you feed your rope horses can dramatically affect his in-arena performance.

Rodeo Road

Kollin VonAhn’s World Champion Mount Hock

Hock Makes the Pro Heeler Rounds Before Finding a Home with Kollin VonAhn

Rope Horses

The X Factor: What Makes Good Rope Horses Great

From the rope-pulled, 30-foot barrier at the Cheyenne (Wyo.) Frontier Days to the short score of Nampa, Idaho’s Snake River Stampede, the summer run is where horses make or break a cowboy’s season. With guys mounting-out when they can’t have their horses in two places at once, the candidates for PRCA/AQHA Horse of the Year begin to shine as the ones who get the bronze have usually carried multiple cowboys to big paydays throughout the year.

Rodeo Road

Kaleb Driggers: Behind the World Standings Leader

Kaleb Driggers' mom Laura talks about the upbringing behind one of the fastest headers of this generation.

Rodeo Road

Stingray’s Retirement Gig

Sherry Cervi’s world champion mount Stingray is Cory Petska’s next ace in the hole.

Rodeo Road

Mysterious Foot Injuries

Finally, the two-time Heel Horse of the Year Rey is healed. A vet weighs in.

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