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A High Top Strand: Jeremy Buhler Talks RodeoHouston Winning Run

Jeremy Buhler breaks down the 5.5-second run that earned him a RodeoHouston team roping title.


Ready to Go: How Futurities Are Changing the Market

The latest rope horse futurities have trainers adjusting, and buyers looking younger.

Kaleb Driggers riding Cuervo

Rope Horses

Score Masters with Kaleb Driggers

From Champ to Cuervo, Driggers has ridden some of the best horses in the game.

Clay O'Brien Cooper heeling on one of his favorite horses: Ike.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Special Horses: My Big Three

Clay O'Brien Cooper shares his favorite horses and the impact they had on his career.

Team Ropers

Lucky Blanton’s Tom Mattart

The enduring legacy of Lucky Blanton and Tom Mattart.


How Trey Yates Helps Young Rope Horses Relax in the Box

Trey Yates' simple process to help young rope horses relax in the box.

Team Ropers

Russell Cardoza: Coming Back Strong

Russel Cardoza talks favorite wins, future goals and the significance behind the number 42.

Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper team roping at the 1988 BFI with Jake riding his horse Big John.

Jake Barnes

The Head Horses That Made Me

The horses that defined Jake Barnes' career.

Team Roping Tips


Spring means some horse trainers and ropers are getting their green horses in outdoor arenas for the first time. The new settings present new challenges and opportunities, and Brazile uses both to his advantage.

Rope Horses

Lord’s Bay Birdie Has Been a Godsend

Sometimes taking a gamble pays off—and pays off big.

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