print: November 2023
John Keller, heeling lefty 10 years ago, at 80.
nothing but a number
Keeping On
5 Flat
Building Confidence in Young Rope Horses
Top 10 Traits in a Horse for Lower-Numbered Heelers
Cole Curry heeling
At Home With
Cole Curry: It's Been a Good Year
Jake Barnes on Sunny and Clay Cooper on Ike at the 1994 NFR.
It's Almost Showtime
Vegas Prep Beast Mode
Dustin Bird, his brothers, and fellow Blackfeet Indian cast mates pose in costume on the set of 1883.
Celebrity Status
Is That Dustin Bird in 1883?
Nelson Wyatt and Chase Tryan team roping at the 2023 Fiesta Days Rodeo
good-as-gold horsepower
Take 2: Nelson Wyatt Readies to Return to Vegas for Second NFR
Derrick Begay backed in the roping box.
judging a book by its cover
Reading Cattle, with Derrick Begay
closeup of Trevor Brazile heading on a palomino horse
The Magnetic Draw to Cattle
Junior Nogueira at his first Wildfire Open to the World in 2014.
changing history
Junior Nogueira's Big Break: The 2014 Wildfire Open to the World