Resistol Jr. Champion Race
USTRC Resistol Jr. Race
At Mid-Season, the Resistol Jr. Men are on the Move
Lucas Koehn and Houston Childers stand next to each other holding a large check for $3,260.
USTRC Resistol Jr. Race
Tyler Mota Returns to Top 5, Houston Childers Gives Heck to Heeling Field
Brant Cookston and Ben Scott standing shoulder to shoulder holding trophy buckles.
USTRC Resistol Jr. Race
It's Getting Hot at the Top
Colt Hilley and Hagen Wright posing with trophy buckles.
Resistol Junior
Colt Hilley Heads to First
Tyler Mota and Tyler Boatwright stand next to each other holding a check for $6,220.
USTRC Resistol Jr. Race
Early Season Race is Tight for 2024 Resistol Jr. Ropers
Walker Guy and Houston Childers team rope at the 2023 Resistol Jr. Championship
Taking Titles to the South
Grady Harris and Colt Bryant at the Northeast Texas Winter Classic preview thumbnail
Lone Headers Make Top 5 Moves in December
USTRC Resistol Jr. Race
Top 5 Headers in Voracious Resistol Jr. Champion Race