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Rope Horses

Why the Numbers Matter: Tracking Rope Horse Earnings

For the first time, the money rope horses win at jackpots can be documented through flagship databases like the American Quarter Horse Association’s QData. Here’s why it matters.

Rope Horse Breeder's Guide

2023 Breeder’s Guide: Highpoint Performance Horses Junior Riata Buckle Studs

Highpoint Performance Horses studs are featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2023 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.

Editor's Notes

Labors of Love: An Inside Look at the February 2023 Issue

Inside the February 2023 issue of The Team Roping Journal.


Riata Buckle Run Breakdown with Dakota Kirchenschlager

How Dakota Kirchenschlager let the work he’s putting in at home speak for itself at the Riata Buckle.

Team Roping News

Roping’s Largest Associations Enter Into Horse Alliance With Riata Buckle Stallion Incentive

The Equine Network joins Riata Buckle Stallion Incentive to put team roping horses in the spotlight.

"The Score" Podcast

The $2M Riata Buckle Recap

"The Score" with Riata Buckle founders Denny Gentry, Lance Robinson and Chad Beus...

Riata Buckle #10.5 All-Ages Ivy Hurst Clay Hurst

"The Score" Podcast

Hursts Get $62K Riata Buckle #10.5 All-Ages Win

Dru Stewart talks with Ivy and Clay Hurst on this episode of "The Short Score," brought to you by Smarty.

Riata Buckle #12.5

"The Score" Podcast

Riata Buckle Handi-High Futurity Champions: Bo Crutchfield & Chris Littlefield

Dru Stewart talks with the first-ever Riata Buckle Handi-High Futurity Champions on this episode of "The Short Score," brought to you by Boehringer Ingelheim.

"The Score" Podcast

Riata Buckle Handi-Lo #10.5 Futurity Champions: Brooke Wilson and Tripp Townsend

Brooke Wilson and Tripp Townsend on "The Score," with Dru Stewart, brought to you by Bimeda.

Riata Buckle Pro Futurity

"The Score" Podcast

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Lovell and Kirchenschlager on Making Futurity Champions

Riata Buckle Pro Futurity champions Colby Lovell and Dakota Kirchenschlager on "The Short Score," brought to you by Smarty.

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