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Happy Birthday, Rich Skelton!

June 18 is the day we celebrate Rich Skelton.

"The Score" Podcast

Building the Perfect Practice with Rich Skelton

Repetitive practice—focusing on position, swing, target and delivery—will beat high-volume practice any day of the week, according to eight-time World Champion Rich Skelton.

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Ropers Embracing New Audio Lessons from Pros Through “The Score” Podcast

Ropers are devouring The Score podcast's latest endeavor—audio roping lessons from the best in the business.

"The Score" Podcast

Roping Lesson with Rich Skelton: Intentional Practice

There’s no better time than now to hone your horsemanship. The staff at The Team Roping Journal is pairing up with the best in the world to provide regular audio tips that you can listen to while you’re riding, roping or just visualizing your runs.

Team Ropers

Skelton Using Off Time to Rehab After Surgery, Prepare Horsepower and Ramp Up Heelers Only Schools

Eight-time World Champion Rich Skelton is using the time off caused by COVID-19 to recover from spinal surgery, improve his horse herd and prepare for the best Heelers Only Schools he's ever hosted.


Using A Dummy to Get Your Horse’s Attention with Rich Skelton

Rich Skelton on using the dummy to get your horses paying attention and learning quicker.

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The Masters of Team Roping: The BFI

Rich Skelton talks about The Masters of Team Roping.

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Partner Swaps: Key Cracks Back Out with Skelton; Tsinigine to Pick Up Smith; Crawford to Pick Up Medlin

David Key is cracking back out with Rich Skelton; Aaron Tsinigine to head for Patrick Smith; Crawford to head for Medlin.

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Begay and Skelton’s One-Time Pair-Up Pays Dividends

Derrick Begay and Rich Skelton won the New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo in Albuquerque with a 4.0-second run in what would be their first and only rodeo appearance together.

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BFI Greats on Being In It to Win It

The Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping Classic is a bucket-list event like no other. BFI Week is the ultimate team roping reunion, and if you don’t trek to Reno to rope, you make the trip because it’s great watching. The best of the best do battle under real-deal cowboy conditions for tall dollars. If you love team roping, it doesn’t get any better than that. Just ask some of the winningest BFI ropers of all time.

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