How Andrew Ward Survived RNCFR’s First Round
Andrew Ward's step-by-step breakdown on how he survived the Ram National Circuit Finals first round, setting him and Buddy Hawkins up for success.
Ward and Hawkins II Dominate RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo
Prairie Circuit cowboys Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins II won the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, banking a total of $19,706 each.
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The Short Score: Sept. 15, 2020 with RNCFR Champions Coy Rahlmann and Ryan VonAhn
The Short Score on Sept. 15, 2020 with special guests Coy Rahlmann and Ryan VonAhn.
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Great Lakes Standouts Rahlmann and VonAhn Crowned RNCFR Team Roping Champs
At rescheduled and relocated Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo, circuit champions and circuit average winners from 2019 went head-to-head over two go rounds, with the top eight finishers in the average progressing to a Sunday semifinals round followed by a finals Sept. 10 through Sept. 13 in Greeley, Colorado.
Pro Rodeo Results: Smith and Long Win RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo
Smith and Long banked $25,207 a man at the RNCFR in Kissimmee, Florida.