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Roping Tips for Smooth Scoring

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Teaching Smooth Scoring

In this roping tips video, Kirchenschlager and Lund describe how they work horses in the box for smooth scoring.

J.D. Yates


Time to Change? J.D. Yates Talks Old-School vs. New-School Starts

Is it time for J.D. Yates to change his horsemanship? He thinks maybe so.

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Changing Times on the Scoring Front

Scoring is still about timing with you and your horse, but the new generation of ropers are throwing when they hit the barrier. 

Team Roping Tips

Scoring Drill with Tanner Tomlinson

Try this scoring drill from!


Scoring on a Loose Rein: Wesley Thorp Shows Us How

Wesley Thorp explains how to score a heel horse on a loose rein.


Schmidt’s Secret to Scoring Flat

Kolton Schmidt breaks down what he works on to get his head horses scoring flat.


Chill Factor: 5 Headers on Keeping Horses Cool in the Box

Five professional team roping headers break down what to do to keep a hot horse cool in the heading box.


Creating Good Scoring Habits: One Thing You’ve Got to Do to Keep Your Horse Listening

Providing your horse forward release is key to maintaining consistent cues, even when you're just scoring, says 25-time World Champ Trevor Brazile.


Good Scoring Keeps It Simple with Brenten Hall

Brenten Hall likes to keep roping as easy as possible, starting with his scoring and letting the rest of the run fall into place.


Trevor Brazile’s Scoring Theory

The feel Trevor Brazile demands in the corner is designed to make his horses score sharper throughout their careers. Here's how he does it.

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