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Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

To the Teams with No-Times in Round 1…

Advice from eight-time champs Speed Williams and Rich Skelton.

reaching roping

Team Ropers

The Reach

Throwing a long line to the horns is nuanced. In history, five bombers have helped make it pay money.

"The Score" Podcast

Speed Williams’ Practice Routine

In this bonus episode of "The Short Score," we have an audio clip from 2007 with eight-time World Champion Speed Williams talking about his practice routine with the editors of Spin To Win Rodeo.

Speed Williams The Team Roping Journal

Rope Horse Care

Williams is Wowed by the Wonders of Modern Veterinary Medicine

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Speed and Rich on Round-Winning NFR Magic

The eight-time champs of the world weigh in on the secrets to winning go-rounds at NFR crunch time.

Team Ropers

Let’s Hear It For The NFR Switch Enders

Seven cowboys have qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, both in the heading and heeling.

Dustin Egusquiza

Team Roping Tips

5 Ways Speed Williams is Changing Dustin Egusquiza’s Heading Game

How Speed Williams is adjusting Dustin Egusquiza's horsemanship, and, in turn, his roping.

Team Ropers

BFI Greats on Being In It to Win It

The Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping Classic is a bucket-list event like no other. BFI Week is the ultimate team roping reunion, and if you don’t trek to Reno to rope, you make the trip because it’s great watching. The best of the best do battle under real-deal cowboy conditions for tall dollars. If you love team roping, it doesn’t get any better than that. Just ask some of the winningest BFI ropers of all time.

Bobbi Williams

Team Ropers

Bobbi Williams is One of Roping’s OG Greats

Game-changer Bobbi Williams helped usher in a new era in team roping in more ways than one.

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