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7 Tips for Managing a Rope Horse That Gets Too Strong

Don't pick fights with a strong horse. Work with him.

Jake Barnes

Improving Your Roping in the Information Age: Digital Training Tools for Team Ropers

There are more digital training tools for team ropers than ever before. Use them.

Rope Horses

5 Pearls of Team Roping Wisdom from Dick Yates

Timeless team roping tips and teachings from the legendary Dick Yates.

Rope Horses

Dakota Kirchenschlager Talks Training Talented Young Rope Horses in New Training Video Series

In his new video series, Kirchenschlager shares information important to ropers training their next horse or talented futurity prospects.


Futurity Heavyweight Andy Holcomb

Meet Andy Holcomb, the West Coast trainer zeroing in on aged ropings.

Rope Horses

The Foundation: The Top Hands Behind the Trainers

Even the best ropers—and horse trainers—in the world have some serious backup in the top hands who put the outside rides on their young horses. From ranch cowboys to cow horse trainers to cutters, there are trainers behind the trainers who make top futurity horses, world champions and just true winners. Their styles are as different as the men themselves, but their results are gold buckles, gold globes and all-around great horses.

"The Score" Podcast

5 Things You MIGHT Not Know About NFR Qualifier and AQHA Champion CR Bradley

Here are five things you may or may not know about this week's guest of The Score, CR Bradley.


Using A Dummy to Get Your Horse’s Attention with Rich Skelton

Rich Skelton on using the dummy to get your horses paying attention and learning quicker.


Run VS. Rate: What to Look For in A Prospect with Trevor Brazile

What to look for in a prospect depends on your roping goals.

Team Ropers

Determination and Success: Randy Lewis, DVM

For heeler Randy Lewis, DVM, becoming a horse doctor wasn’t a choice he made. Instead, it was just a fact of life since as long as he can remember.

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