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Yates’ ‘In The Nic of Shine’ Slides Into Top Spot as Heel Horse of 2020 BFI

Trey Yates' 14-year-old gelding Tux has been a family staple for a decade. At this year's BFI, ropers took notice.

"The Score" Podcast

Yates: Finding Your Mental Strength in Down Time

An audio lesson on finding your mental strength with Trey Yates.


The Heel Horse’s Start

A whole lot of ink is spent talking about the start on the head side. Trey Yates breaks down how he gets rolling on the heels.


Finding Power in Position with Trey Yates

Trey Yates's take on heeling position when you're too close, finding power to deliver your rope and having good separation when leaving the box.

Team Roping News

Bird and Yates End Partnership with Win at The Daddy of ’em All

Dustin Bird and Trey Yates ended their roping partnership with one of the biggest wins of each man's career: The 2019 Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Rodeo Road

Pro Rodeo Results Wrap-Up: Bird and Yates Dominate “The Daddy”; Sartain and Rogers Win Deadwood AND MORE

Dustin Bird and Trey Yates win "The Daddy"'s tournament style rodeo; Sartain and Rogers win Deadwood; Wyatt and Lord win Spanish Fork and more.

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: July 30 with Trey Yates

Trey Yates talks about his big win at "The Daddy of Em All" and more.

Rodeo Road

Pro Rodeo Results Wrap-Up: Sherwoods Win Eagle; Bird and Yates Move Up with Sisters Win; Hall and Tryan Crack Top 15

Bird and Yates win Sisters, Kirchenschlager and Hawkins win Woodward and more.

Team Roping News

Dominos Keep Falling: Smith and Corkill Pair Up; Long Picks Up Egusquiza and Much More

Dustin Bird to head for Trey Yates; Dustin Egusquiza to pick-up Jake Long; Cory Kidd V to pick-up Kory Koontz; Clay Smith to pick-up Jade Corkill.

Team Roping Gear, Horses & Cattle

Feeding Frenzy: Yates’s Feed Room

Trey Yates's feed room.

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