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Veterans Day Salute: Team Ropers Who Served

In the team roping community, you don't have to look far to find someone who served our country. This Veterans Day, here's a look at some of their stories.

Mike White

Team Ropers

From California & Camp Pendleton to Cowtown and the Pentagon

In his 22-year career as a U.S. Marine, Chief Warrant Officer Mike White has traveled the globe in service to his country. Now, from his current Pentagon post, he’s honoring his California roping roots at New Jersey’s Cowtown Rodeo.

"The Score" Podcast

A Salute: Veteran, First Responder Donnie Woodmansee

“Look for the helpers,” says a Mr. Rogers quote. There, you’ll find Colorado roper Donnie Woodmansee: First responder, military veteran, father and husband.

Team Ropers

Crawford’s American Military Celebration to Honor and Assist Roping’s Armed Service Heroes

The event—held at NRS in Decatur, Texas—will honor and celebrate veterans and first responders, raising money for Building Homes for Heroes.

Rope Horse Care

Egusquiza’s Dude Loses Sight in Left Eye

Dustin Egusquiza's No.1 head horse Dude is battling an eye infection that has the horse temporarily blind.

Rope Horse Care

The Golden Years: Helping Your Senior Horse

Learn how to help avert common senior horse health issues.

Team Ropers

Make That DR. Zac Small for BFI Champ & NFR Header

Team Ropers

Determination and Success: Randy Lewis, DVM

For heeler Randy Lewis, DVM, becoming a horse doctor wasn’t a choice he made. Instead, it was just a fact of life since as long as he can remember.

Team Ropers

Full Circle: Texas Woman Donates Heel Horse, Kids’ Horse, Saddle, and Ropes to Iraq War Veteran

Karen Hering, moved by Charly Crawford's free veteran's roping school, donates horses, saddles, and ropes to Iraq War Army Veteran Jon Kelly.

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