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2021NFR_R10_TR_Tryan Long_P Kitts
Clay Tryan’s #1 Head Horse Rebounds Right on Time
Clay Tryan's No.1 head horse "Johnson" bounces back from deep flexor tendon tear just in time for the 2021 Wrangler NFR.
Close Call for Dustin Bird’s Dolly
Dustin Bird's Dolly bounces back from infection in her throat thanks to Dr. Lund of Lund Equine in Billings, Montana.
Billie Jack Saebens | Kevin
Jade Corkill-1
Patrick Smith and Turbo
A Grateful Goodbye to Luke Brown’s Game Changer, Slim Shady
Look brown lost his beloved Slim Shady to colic in the early morning hours of May 16 at 28.
Clay Smith Jade Corkill Top 16 American
Corkill's Champ Sidelined Indefinitely
Jade Corkill's Champ tore the straight sesamoidean ligament in his left front foot during the long round at RFD-TVs The American in March 2021, sidelining the gray gelding indefinitely.
PadenBray_RoseannaSales_Courtesy_PRCAProRodeo_Vet_TRJ_Feb2021_Print_2020NFR_R10_TR_Rogers_Bray_Sales 129448
Paden Bray’s Slider Bounces Back After NFR Abscess
Bray’s No. 1 heel horse—the 12-year-old sorrel he calls Slider—was sidelined for three rounds by an abscess.
Egusquiza’s Dude Loses Sight in Left Eye
Dustin Egusquiza's No.1 head horse Dude is battling an eye infection that has the horse temporarily blind.
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