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Lessening the Load: The New SoftRiders by Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots

The makers of Soft-Ride Boots are releasing their latest creation: SoftRiders, a polymer shoe that could be the ticket to added years of soundness on aging, navicular and laminitic horses, also opening the door to added longevity and traction in young performance horses.

Rope Horse Care

The Golden Years: Helping Your Senior Horse

Learn how to help avert common senior horse health issues.

Rope Horse Care

COLIC 101 FOR COWBOYS with Dr. Charlie Buchanan

Hauling horses cross country.

Rope Horses

Tragic Trailer Accident Ended Legendary Poker Chip’s Career Early

Rope Horses

Odds Are, Your Rope Horse Has Ulcers.

If you have a picky eater or a cinchy horse or one with a sore back, it could be ulcers.

Team Ropers

Make That DR. Zac Small for BFI Champ & NFR Header

Rope Horse Care

Cowboy Comes Back Strong for Brown

Luke Brown's sorrel gelding Cowboy stepped up at the 2019 Wrangler NFR after a fluke accident with Brown's newest horse, Rebel.

Rope Horses

Ryan Motes’ Rockstar Rebounds from Near-Death Pneumonia Just in Time for NFR

Motes' Rockstar came back strong from Pneumonia scare to make it to the 2019 Wrangler NFR.

Rope Horse Care

Kissing Spine: The True Story

Everybody’s talking about kissing spine, but what should you believe? Here we’ll separate facts from fallacies about this common condition.

Rope Horse Care

Davison’s Apollo Rebounds Fast from Pre-NFR Suspensory Scare

Cole Davison rode his heel horse Apollo at the 2019 National Final Rodeo, but had a pre-NFR suspensory scare.

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