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Controlling Controllables with Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker

Relentless Remuda's Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker say that growing through imperfection is what makes a better roper.

Rhen Richard

Team Roping News Launches New Training Video Series with Leading Futurity Trainer Rhen Richard and World Champion Jeremy Buhler

In a new series on, we take you into the practice pen with Rhen Richard and Jeremy Buhler.

Miles Baker Head Horse Training

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Reinforcing Respect in the Bridle

How can you reinforce cues in your head horses and heel horses? The Relentless Remuda's Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker explain.

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Team Roping Heading Swings that Count with Walt Woodard

Walt Woodard's tips for roping the heading dummy with swings that count when in position.

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Colt-Starting Series: Introducing a Stop

How and when do you ask for a stop in a 2-year-old? Miles Baker explains his long-term progression in the stop.

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Colt-Starting Series: Behavior Expectations on the Ground

Does behavior on the ground matter in great horses? Miles Baker talks about how that really isn't an issue in their program.

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The Best Practice Cattle for Your Horse

Believe it or not, but muleys may be your best option for practice cattle.

Team Roping News Takes Members Inside the Foundation of the Relentless Remuda kicks off 2022 with an exclusive, never-before-seen colt-starting series with the Relentless Remuda’s colt-starting expert Miles Baker.

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Eliminating Too Much Backup in the Face

Trevor Brazile helps you reduce too much backup at the end of your run when you face.

Team Roping Tips

Bumping Your Horse Through the Corner

Work on getting your horse through the corner with help from Kolton Schmidt.

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