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Dustin Equisquiza backed in the box on his horse, ready to rope


How Dustin Egusquiza Angles His Head Swing

Dustin Egusquiza explains how he adjusts swing to get clean head catches.

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Master Your First Swing With These Drills

Set yourself up for success by mastering your first swing.


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Heel-O-Matic Drill for Heel Horses

Watch World Champion Header Nick Sartain put a seasoned heel horse on the Heel-O-Matic at a trot

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Roping Right to Left, with Coleman Proctor

Left to right or both horns at once? Coleman Proctor weighs in.

Jake and Clay practice session

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Jake Barnes & Clay Cooper: Practice Session Fine-Tuning Aggressive, Green Horses

Watch Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper ride green horses through a practice session.

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New Year, New Videos

Kick off the new year with hours upon hours of new videos from our leading coaches and new faces, too. 

Derrick Begay in the box

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Practice Session | Derrick Begay, Aaron Tsinigine and Erich Rogers

Watch Derrick Begay, Aaron Tsinigine and Erich Rogers in this WAR clinic practice session

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Reaching Drills on the Ground with Rhen Richard

In this video, Rhen Richard demonstrates how he uses the Smarty to work on his reaching ability.

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Creating Good Position on the Smarty Sidekick

Rhen Richard demonstrates what good position means when roping the Smarty Sidekick.

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Full Heeling Dummy Roping Lesson with Matt Sherwood

In this video, Matt explains position on the ground on the heeling dummy.

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