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Angelone Sisters WPRA World FInals


World Champions Crowned in Waco’s WPRA World Finals

Full results from the 2022 WPRA World Finals...

Hope Thompson BFI

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Hope Thompson on Track for Third Team Roping World Title With Round 1 Win at WPRA Finals

As the battle for the WPRA Team Roping world titles has begun, Hope Thompson and Rylie Smith have won Round 1.

Hope Thompson BFI

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Who Leads the WPRA’s Heading & Heeling World Standings?

Thompson and Moreno hang onto lead with two months left.

World-renowned cowgirls Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo competing for $20K in the 2022 BFI Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping.

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Thompson and DeSalvo Win $20K and the 2022 BFI All-Girl Team Roping

Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo repeated their 2020 BFI All-Girl win, giving credit to good horses and a great friendship.

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Charly Crawford Retires from ProRodeo to Support Breakaway Roping Wife and Daughter

Charly Crawford stepped back from ProRodeo in 2021. Here’s why.

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World Champions Crowned at WPRA World Finals

World Titles were handed out over the weekend at the WPRA World Finals in Waco, Texas, in the roping division, futurity and derby division and junior division.

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Global Handicaps Assigns No. 8 to First Female Roper

Whitney DeSalvo is now the first female team roper to ever be classified as a #8 heeler.


Roping World Champions Crowned at 2019 WPRA World Finals

Chase wins the breakaway; Crawford gets the all-around; Gambino wins the tie-down; and more.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score Season 1, Episode 16 with Whitney DeSalvo

Back-to-Back WPRA World Champion Heeler Whitney DeSalvo

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