Advice: Part 1

“You’ve Gotta Get Em Down to Have a Chance.”

That was the best piece of roping advice I have ever received. In our sport, the only guarantee that you will not win anything at all is to take a No Time. I spend the majority of my time competing at the highest level of team roping. Everyday I get up thinking about a strategy to beat the best guys who have ever swung a nylon rope. The competitors of this era are some of the greatest that have ever lived. The best horses (and most well maintained ) in the history of the sport are at every rodeo and major jackpot I compete at. The runs are awe-inspiring. Even the guys that are competing (not just the fans) are surprised by the runs their competitors make. However, when it’s all said and done there have been equal opportunities to place in averages at good rodeos, with a clean run. Slicks and sticks (2 horns and 2 feet) are crucial. I watch the PRCA rodeo results more than any other, and there have been many this year that payed a check on either a leg or barrier. Even in what seems like unbeatable competition, clean runs at Cheyenne, The BFI, Salinas, and The USTRC Finals win money nearly every time.

Live Better, Rope Better,

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