August Rodeo Update

?8/3 Dalhart, Tx. Nt.

Spicer Gripp Pro-Am(4 head progressive after 2) ( A Pro-Am roping is a roping where an roper with a lower classification ((Usually a 5 or less)) can enter and draw a professional partner)

I drew 3 headers and a young man (and fellow Kansan I might add) by the name of Landon Koehn and I won the roping.

?8/4 Spicer Gripp Open (6 head progressive after 1) We where 9, 9, 8, and 8 and setting really good in the average going??into the 5th round. Our 5th steer was strong and my rope ran (slid after I dallied) and I burned both my hands bad and lost it. It was a blessing??I didn’t cut my fingers off but the Spicer is a good roping and we where in a good position to win a check.

?8/5 Sikeston, Mo. (2full) 6.2 and 6.6 we didn’t place in either round but won 6th in average.

?8/6 We spent all night and most of the morning driving. I got to see my family in Texas today.

?8/7 Lovington, Nm. (2full) 4.8 2-3rd in first rd and Nt. in 2nd

?8/8 Hermiston, Or. (2full)??We flew from Albaquerque, Nm. to Pasco, Wa. then drove in. Nt. on both steers

?8/9 We caught a ride to Omak, Wa. and got to watch the world famous “Suicide Race”( a horse race down a long steep embankment into and across a river) which was crazy!

?8/10 Omak, Wa. 5.2 split 6-7th

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