Family Life on the Rodeo Road

The best part about rodeoing is my family getting to go with me most of the time. My kids make the long rodeo trail a lot more entertaining. Tyler is 7 and Braylon is 5. They are my biggest fans……and critics. It’s always funny to hear them break my runs down. Tyler knows how everybody did and what kind of rope they use. He doesn’t miss much. Braylon sees a few of my runs when he’s not too busy bull riding and working on his dance moves.

Tyler wants to know how old Brady Tryan and Kaleb Driggers are going to be when he turns 18. If they are too old he said he is going to need someone different. And he’s going to heel because it just takes too long to find a good head horse!

Most of their day is spent roping the Fastlane. They have been pretending they are at Salinas, Cheyenne and Pendleton all summer. It’s been pretty intense. Scrapes, bruises, barrier burns and a decent amount of paint missing on the Fastlane at this point in the summer.

I enjoy watching Tyler and Braylon rope at dummy ropings and they also play baseball every spring, which is a lot of fun. It’s exciting to watch them get better daily at the things they love doing. I’m going to be there for them and support them in whatever it is they want to do whether it’s rope for a living or something entirely different.

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