Checking In

This being my first blog, ?it seems appropriate to give a brief history of myself so everybody will be familiar with my references. I was born in Sedan, Kan. in 1986. My family has always owned horses but I didn’t get involved in team roping until I was in high school. I’m a “all-in” type of person, so when I got the “team-roping bug” I couldn’t get enough (and still haven’t). I married my best friend (Krista) in 2006 and we live in Columbus, Kan.

2012 was my PRCA rookie year, and this is my first full year rodeoing at this level. We have been to almost 30 rodeos this year and we are allowed to count (official) 75 towards the world standings.

?6/17 I left home and drove to Drew Horner’s (current partner) arena in Texas to practice for two days.

? 6/20 Santa Fe, Nm.(2 go-rounds) We failed to catch either steer then drove to…

? 6/21 Pleasant Grove, Ut. (2 rd) 6.0 on first steer which placed us 4th in rd.

7.8 on second steer.

We placed 5th in the average (total time on 2)

?6/24 Reno, Nev. BFI (Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping) (5 rd and the top 15 to the short round)

During the course of the year we have the opportunity to go to 4 “major” ropings. The BFI is the most prestigious because it is a well ran historic event that pays $60k per man.

We made a good 8.4 second run on out first steer but made several errors throughout the day and didn’t win anything.

?6/26 Reno, Nv. (2 rd. and top 12 to final round)

5.4 in rd. 1 and 5.7 in rd. 2. We are setting 3rd in average (there are 2 sets((about 30 teams)) left before the short-go on 6/29)

I’ve got more info on how we’ve done just about ready, and as I’m writing this we’re currently fourth in the World. I’ll update the of the month of July as soon as I can.

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