Improvement is a Skill

improvement – a condition superior to an earlier condition

skill – an ability that has been acquired by training

I’m writing from 33,000 feet over Nevada. flight from Reno, Nv. to Dallas, Tx (en route to Pecos).

As “Free-choice” beings living in a deteriorating world we have the option to choose to improve our lives. We do not however have the liberty to choose to “maintain” by doing nothing.

We may be content to stay right where we are in some facets of life. Maintenance is an impossibility. We are ever-changing beings in an ever-changing world. Every relationship, job, hobby, and habit is growing either stronger(because we are working on it) or weaker(because we fail to). I’m convicted about every area mentioned above, but lets take a minute to focus on our roping. How often do we head to practice as “wandering generalities”(Zig Zigler)? How often do you “speak” improvement into your roping but fail to “sweat” improvement into it? “In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.”Proverbs 14:23

I challenge each reader and myself to take a 3rd person look at your next practice session. Are you “training” yourself in the skill of improvement or are you becoming distracted and allowing your roping to deteriorate?

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