Instruction: Part 2 Swing Speed

Headers and Heelers alike struggle with swing speed. Often when thinking of the fundamentals of roping, we think along the lines of position, swing, delivery, and slack. We often overlook the speed of our swing. Particularly the speed directly before our delivery. In order to catch the top and bottom strand we need to have space between them. The greater the space, the easier it is to place the loop on your target. If you swing slowly it is pretty easy to keep your loop open. If you swing your rope fast, the centrifugal force of your tip causes your loop to stretch longer bringing the top and bottom strands closer together. Whether you prefer a slow or fast swing, slowing down slightly in your delivery will allow your loop to open. This week rope your dummy and observe your swing speed. Force yourself to exaggerate your delivery. Deliver in “slow-motion” a few times then go back and rope it normal.

Rope Better,
Buddy Hawkins

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