Pre-Omaha Update

?9/10 Pendleton, Or. (2 full and a short on grass. This is definitely one of the best rodeos of the fall. 100+ teams show up to run downhill across the dirt track, thru a barrier, into the grass infield as fast and hard as they can go. It’s not uncommon to see people have accidents on the grass, but it is hard to steer clear of a late season rodeo with nearly $4,000 rounds and almost $6,000 to the average winners. The majority of ropers will have some of their regular horse shoe nails removed and replaced with “Ice-Nails”( a nail with a larger spike shaped head) to help their horses maintain traction on the slick grass. I do not shoe Daisy or Rue. Daisy is really sure footed and travels pretty close to the ground. I do not do anything special on the grass. I clean her feet so she can get a grip. I also make sure I lope a few circles and stop so she can get a good feel.

Rd. 1 7.1 split 5th in round

9/12 Pendleton, Or. Rd. 2 8.0

?9/14 Pendleton, Or. Short Round. (Top 12 advance to finals. We came back 4th after 2 steers)

NT. placed 7th in average.

(Of the top 12 there where only 6 qualified times so 7th and 8th in the average payed on 2 head)

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