Q/A David Asks, How often do you feed on the road and do you feed a different amount?

Answer, First of all, water is the most crucial part of hauling. I try to never haul over 6-7 hours without unloading and offering my horses water. Both Rue and Daisy drink really well. My regular routine is to feed grain 2x a day whether at home or on the road. I typically feed 3 lbs per horse per feeding.??I feed free-choice (all they can eat) hay all day every day (even in the mangers or haybags in the trailer). They eat an average of 20 lbs per horse per day . I feed a Purina Senior (Rue is 15 and Daisy is 9) because it is a complete feed (It has built in forage ((Hay)) and all the recommended vitamins and minerals). While there are other options for complete feeds I feel like senior is best for mine. It has a high level of fat so my horses don’t lose much if any weight on the road. The reason I like the complete feed is because I can maintain consistency in their grain and a portion of their forage. The greatest threat to the life of a rodeo horse is colic. The biggest causes of colic are dehydration and rapid changes in diet. With consistency in hydration and my choice of grain I lessen the chances of colic.

I prefer feeding both Alfalfa and grass (Bermuda or Costal) hay. Throughout the summer it is nearly impossible to find premium quality grass hay, so I feed strictly alfalfa. In the fall, winter, and spring I’m able to feed both. I spend around two weeks making changes such as adding grass to or removing it from my horses’ diet so as to not shock them. An exception to my regular routine would be an extreme haul (15 hours or more) in excessive heat or my horses are not drinking well.??In those cases I occasionally give electrolytes in tube??paste form, and limit my grain so as not to have a compaction.

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