Say What You Mean What You Say

8/9 This week during Lovington, NM, I was contacted by GAC to do an interview for their Ram Cowboy Grill. After the interview they stayed to video the perf that evening and asked me to wear the mic during my run. I said that was great and wouldn’t bother me. They thanked me and ran the wires.

Once I was wired in (about 2 hours before the perf) I asked how to turn it on and off. They informed me that it would be better to just leave it on and set to the correct channel. I said that was fine and went on to rope the dummy and saddle my horse. I was continually catching myself during the 3 hours that I wore the mic saying things that I really didn’t want the entire world to hear. I do not use bad language but I do have a tendency to say negative things about myself and others. In the course of a few hours interacting with friends and fellow competitors I realized how often my tongue wanders.

The Bible compares the tongue to a “Double Edged Sword” that “Separates Bone and Marrow”. How often do we let it run without “Bridling” it? The Lord hears everything we say. I’m trying to “bridle” my tongue to only say and my mind to only think of??”whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–anything that is excellent or praiseworthy”. I believe that our relationships, finances, jobs, roping, etc. are directly related to what we speak and think about.

Challenge to readers:

Pick one thing this month to speak positively into and observe the impact your Tongue has! (Talk about people like they are right they are right there beside you)

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