Update: 3/31/14

The 6 weeks of the biggest events of the Winter season are now behind us. I didn’t do any good at the George Strait Team Roping Classic or Rodeo Houston. I am however, not disappointed with my winter. I won more at the jackpots than I ever have. Second to only last year at the rodeos I have won a fair amount. I did not have any huge wins financially but I did have some really good ropings and rodeos. I have had various struggles with soundness and health in my horses all winter(some of which we have not beat yet). Over all I won a little and learned a lot. I have found that in this sport you have to value your “learning” experiences because often you learn a lot more than you win. The spring is an enjoyable time. We leave for the “Hork Dog” roping in Las Vegas early in April. We go to Logandale, Nv., Oakdale, Ca., Red Bluff, Ca., Clovis, Ca., and Guymon, Ok. to round out the month. There are several good jackpots in addition to the Hork Dog while we are gone. It is really different from the winter because most of the rodeos are longer score and rope fresher steers. May is spent mostly at home then we leave for a crazy summer schedule the middle of June. I’ll keep everybody updated!


Buddy Hawkins II

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