Update 9/9

?9/3 Lewiston, Id. 6.4 Didn’t place.

?9/7 Puyallup, Id. (2 full rounds of the top 24 in the world standings, a progressive semi-final round of the top 8 on two, and a finals with the top 4 from the semi-finals) We got a front leg in the head loop on the first one which results in a N.T.

We came back on a good steer in the 2nd go, Drew turned him fast, and I heeled him good . The clock stopped at 3.8 but we got flagged out for crossfire. I’m a professional heeler and the flagged is a professional judge and I respect his decision. It was definitely a judgement call and I wish it had went the other way.

We are nearing the end of the season and there will be less results each week. We have not roped as well this Summer and Fall as we roped in the Winter and Spring. Drew bought a really good horse this past week which has been giving him a better chance to turn steers fast. It’s hardest to maintain focus this time of year because every run seems like a life and death situation. It’s the same game as it has always been. We need to keep plugging away. Slicks and sticks! This week Pendleton Round Up then we head back to a more familiar part of the country to finish off the regular season.

Rope Better, Live Better

Buddy Hawkins

Editor’s note: Drew and Buddy were 7.1 on their first steer in Pendleton to tie for 5th in the first round and earn $1,379 each.

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