Welcome to “View From the Driver’s Seat”

Welcome to the drivers seat, I am glad to be a part of the Spin To Win Rodeo team this year. I am thankful in this season that they have given me the opportunity to share my views and insights and opinions on their web page. As I start this new direction and job I would ask that everyone bear with me as I have never in my life prepared for writing on an informative or entertaining level.

Once we head out on the rodeo road I feel like sharing what is going on inside the rig and inside the world of team roping in the PRCA. During the season I will hope to give updates on partner and horse changes or shifts but mostly a look into what it is like to travel and drive for one of rodeos most recognizable people. Some weeks I will try to bring interviews from around the team roping community and special looks and views at some of the biggest and best roping’s and rodeos.

So to begin we will look back to what has happened in the world of roping recently. Well then the curtain has come and gone on the USTRC once again for this season. I want to send out my congratulations to all that did well there. It was a weeks worth of highs and lows filled with many unforgettable moments for many competitors. I did not have the chance to attend this year and feel like I missed some truly awesome competition. Next on the list is to congratulate Trevor Brazile on his record breaking weekend at the NFSR in Guthrie,OK at the Lazy E arena. Not only did he tie the great Guy Allen by winning his 18th gold buckle he also had three go-round wins that also set a record for most NFR round wins.

Now that we have congratulated everyone on their victories it is time to look ahead. We have only 25 days until the opening ceremonies of the 2013 NFR in Las Vegas which really doesn’t leave much time for our cowboys to prepare. I think according to my boss we will be leaving Sunday after Thanksgiving to head out there. That should put us into town sometime Monday night the 2nd. After we reach our destination I am not sure what will be on the schedule other than getting horses taken care of and preparing for the weeks to come.

I am nervous and excited all at the same time helping the world champion compete at the NFR is a big challenge. Not one that is to be taken lightly and I am looking forward to being behind the scenes and seeing what the cowboys do on a day to day basis. When you grow up watching the NFR on TV you dream about what it is like there.

Well I hope my insight and behind the scenes photos and commentary will bring all of you who have taken the time to read this blog a little closer to it. If any of you have specific questions about the preparation and what is going on feel free to email me at joshschley80@gmail.com.

I would love for my blog to feature some of what you want to know as well as what I am experiencing. I will probably be giving blogs every other week until the NFR and then I may go more often just because there is so much going on that 10 days. I thank you all for reading and I hope for this week you have enjoyed your “View from the Drives Seat.”

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