That time Jade Corkill tried to trick us. 

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Classic Professional Rope Bag

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And the time Spencer Mitchell and Dakota Kirchenschlager “scared ’em”.

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The Wrangler Store

When we caught Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith in a bro hug…

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Relentless All-Around Sport Boots by Cactus Gear

When the Minors and Brandon and Jim Ross all won the same round…

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Cactus Relentless Xplosion Head Rope

And when Turtle Powell told us just how particular Derrick Begay really is.

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Classic NXT Heel Rope

That time Coleman Proctor and Jake Long talked about their dads…

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Justin Boots Men’s Bent Rail 11″ Square-toe Boot

And when we learned how good Kaleb Driggers really is at math. 

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Classic Powerline Lite Team Rope, 30′

That time Shada told us who actually tunes on her barrel horses…

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Relentless Extreme Gel Pad by Cactus Saddlery

That year we all just had a really great time…

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YETI LoadOut GoBox Divided Cargo Case

Oh, and we almost forgot… That time Patrick Smith got bucked off (after we found out he was OK, of course). 

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OE Nutraceuticals Align 25lb