It’s been awhile since my last blog post, I apologize for that. I was busy trying to finish up my rodeo season and get ready for all the big jackpots this fall. I was able to finish the PRCA regular season #1, won 1st 2nd and 3rd at the Wrangler Finals in Billings,MT and won the US Open in Oklahoma City along with the USTRC Open Tour point which was my goal.

I’ve also been working hard on my first instructional video The Perfect Spin. I’m going to talk about that on this post. I really wanted to make a team roping instructional video to be able to help people with their roping and share the knowledge that I’ve learned in my career.
I have done numerous roping schools over the years and have enjoyed helping the people that were able to attend those schools. In doing this video I feel I will be able to help those same people along with those who cannot make it to one of my schools.

The great thing about The Perfect Spin is the more you watch it the more you will pick up and learn. I truly believe it will be a great teaching tool that you can continuously keep learning from.

Nothing feels better than when someone I’ve helped with their roping tells me that afterwards they went on to win the most money they have ever won or their horse is working a lot better. This is what I’m hoping happens for those who watch The Perfect Spin. I give information from if you have just started roping (beginner level) to roping against me (professional level). I go over horsemanship, scoring, position, swing, delivery,facing and mental preparation. I talk about groundwork, roping the Smarty and live steers.

Along with me roping the Smarty and steers, The Perfect Spin has footage of some of my rodeo and jackpot runs. I go over my routine and the things that I do to this day that have been important to my success. I hope that you all will watch The Perfect Spin, apply the teaching to your roping and start winning more than you ever have before.

It will be in booths all over the NFR, but if you’d like, you can preorder here: