Getting Set For Go-Time: The High Season of Rodeo
"Now is the time to get to building some momentum."
Steer Control with Brock Hanson
How to give your heeler a fair read through the corner by making sure your rope is tight between your saddle horn and the steer’s head.
Rhen Richard explaining a drill on the Smarty Sidekick.
Hook Onto the Steer in the Right Spot With This Smarty Drill
Smarty Pro Rhen Richard demonstrates how to hook on in the right spot on the Smarty Sidekick.
Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper team roping at the 1988 BFI with Jake riding his horse Big John.
The Head Horses That Made Me
The horses that defined Jake Barnes' career.
Jake Barnes
Practice with Intent
Jake Barnes discusses how working on yourself and your horses, and using your practice time wisely leads to success.
Dustin Equisquiza backed in the box on his horse, ready to rope
How Dustin Egusquiza Angles His Head Swing
Dustin Egusquiza explains how he adjusts swing to get clean head catches.
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