Whether getting ready for a big event or prepping a young horse for its first futurity, Trevor Brazile is a stickler for a sharp face in a head horse. Trying to get your head horse’s facing dialed in? This playlist of rope horse training videos is a great place to start.

1. Heading Horsemanship and Facing

Watch here.

From Brazile and Patrick Smith’s Legend DVD, this video takes you through Trevor Brazile’s full philosophy on tuning a head horse in a variety of scenarios, with a strong emphasis on the most overlooked part of a run: the face. Brazile explains his facing techniques and the exercises he uses to get a faster, cleaner finish. 

2. Body Position in the Face

Watch here.

In just 3.5 minutes, Brazile and his Relentless Remuda partner Miles Baker review how your body movement affects your horse’s hips in the face. 

3. Facing Drill with a Tire

Watch here.

Shot at Baker’s Oklahoma ranch, Brazile explains how he drags a tire with a head horse to work on pushing his horse forward and finishing in the middle of the arena. 

4. Refining the Face with a Tire Drill

Watch here.

Baker and Brazile talk through using a tire to work on keeping control of the steer through the face, preventing the horse’s shoulders from falling into the horse’s nose. 

5. Understanding Head Control to Optimize Facing

Watch here.

In less than 2 minutes, Brazile will change your understanding of head control in the face. Brazile teaches a horse to face with cheek control, and you’ve probably never seen anyone explain the face like this.

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