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Checklist: Are You Causing Your Horse to Drop His Shoulders?

What could you be doing wrong to cause your horse to drop his shoulders through the turn? My pet peeve is a horse that drops his shoulders through the turn. Some guys don’t mind it but, for me, when my horse drops his shoulders, I cannot take my first shot and my finish will not be fast enough because the horse is getting pulled forward because he’s not working on his hind end. That matters in both the futurities and the rodeos—judges are looking for horses strong to the horn and flaggers stop the clock when the run comes together fast on the horse’s hind end.


Body-Position Breakthrough: Practical Advice That Changed Bobby Mote’s Heading

How Bobby Mote is changing his upper body to get tighter loops and add rate to his running-bred horses.


Futurity Heavyweight Andy Holcomb

Meet Andy Holcomb, the West Coast trainer zeroing in on aged ropings.


Luke Brown is Roping on the Gain

Roping on the Gain. Free-running horses can make a head shot tough. Here’s how Luke Brown masters it.


Paden Bray’s Secret to Keeping a Horse Soft

How Paden Bray uses an O-ring on all of his horses to keep them soft and responsive.


Creating Good Scoring Habits: One Thing You’ve Got to Do to Keep Your Horse Listening

Providing your horse forward release is key to maintaining consistent cues, even when you're just scoring, says 25-time World Champ Trevor Brazile.


Maintaining a Fast Finish with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile answers fan question on what to do in the practice pen to keep his horses' finishing sharp.


Right-Leaded Head Horses are Flat Dangerous. Here’s How to Fix Them.

Trevor Brazile explains how to fix a right-leaded head horse.


Bit-Switch: Understanding Head Horse Bit Progression

Brazile's guide to adjusting bits throughout a rope horse's training process.


Free Your Horse Up with Trevor Brazile

If your horse is checking off too soon, first take a hard look at yourself and your gear.

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