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How Trey Yates Helps Young Rope Horses Relax in the Box

Trey Yates' simple process to help young rope horses relax in the box.


Top 5 Horsemanship Videos of 2023

The most popular videos on horsemanship on so far this year.


When NOT to Throw

Choosing not to throw your rope can make as big of a difference as choosing to throw your rope. 


Algunas Personas Aprendemos de Manera Diferente 

Garibay enseña los fundamentos del manejo de caballos en sus escuelas, basándose en sus años de experiencia como ropero de números bajos. | Cortesía de Aldo Garibay


This is What’s Holding You Back From Roping at a Higher Level

Garibay teaches horsemanship fundamentals at his schools based on his years of experience as a lower-numbered roper.


Going Through the Paces: The Process of Developing Your Futurity Prospect

With the growth of the futurity business, will rope horses suffer by being pushed too hard too soon? Only in the wrong hands.


7 Tips for Managing a Rope Horse That Gets Too Strong

Don't pick fights with a strong horse. Work with him.


How to Keep Your Horse Running Straight to the Steer

Tyler Merrill explains how to keep your horse running straight to the steer to give you the best shot possible. 


The Perfect Run 

How training for rope horse futurities translates into success in any arena.

Nick Sartain Heel-O-Matic


Fix Your Shouldering Heel Horse

The Heel-O-Matic allows me to separate my roping from my horsemanship, breaking things down into manageable parts that I can address one at a time. Here’s how I work on a heel horse that wants to be strong through the turn.

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