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Bit-Switch: Understanding Head Horse Bit Progression

Brazile's guide to adjusting bits throughout a rope horse's training process.


Free Your Horse Up with Trevor Brazile

If your horse is checking off too soon, first take a hard look at yourself and your gear.


The Team Roper’s Warm-Up Routine (Yes, You Should Go Right, Too)

Trevor Brazile breaks down how he prepares his horses on the day of competition, the feel and responsiveness he wants,


Mirroring Your Horse’s Body Position with Joseph Harrison

Maximize control of your horse and let him work by allowing your body to mirror his throughout a run.


Coaching Your Kids with Trevor Brazile

Sometimes helping our own kids in the arena can be our greatest challenge.


Trevor Brazile’s Scoring Theory

The feel Trevor Brazile demands in the corner is designed to make his horses score sharper throughout their careers. Here's how he does it.


Trevor Brazile’s Eye-Opening Explanation of the Feel Rope Horses Must Have

What sets riding rope horses apart from reiners, cutters and cow horses, according to 25-time World Champion Trevor Brazile.


Tie-Down Theory with Trevor Brazile

Adjusting the tie-down is all about setting boundaries for your horse without locking him in.


Brazile: Developing Feel in Colts

Trevor Brazile doesn't ride the best horses in the business on accident. The 25-time World Champion starts with putting feel in his horses from the start.


Let Your Colts Make Mistakes with Trevor Brazile

The 25-time World Champion Trevor Brazile talks about how he lets colts make mistakes rather than micromanaging their progress.

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